Hello!  I'm Elinor

Midlife Style - Italian Flavour

In Italy I found myself and with that my style confidence. 

As A Style Coach I can help you find Your authentic self so you can find the confidence to live the life you love.


Meet Elinor

Style coach and personal stylist

Through her one to one online sessions, informative videos and Warm, approachable style, Elinor inspires confidence and a self affirming sense of "yes! I can do this" for her clients.  Adding a flavour of Italy into everything she teaches, makes her approach to coaching unique.


She proves that by dressing for your personality and body shape and by choosing colours that enhance your features, you can overcome self doubt and "Imposter Syndrome" and create momentum in the rest of your life by improving your inner self image.

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I decided that for once in my life I was going to do something for me - I am so glad I did!  My new found self confidence has opened up all sorts of avenues for me - and I got to go to Italy too!  Thank you Elinor, you were a wonderful coach and a great guide!

Sam Tyler


After the kids left home I felt completely at sea - not sure who I had become.  Now I have a new me - and a new Art Gallery!


I was dreading being alone after my divorce and my daughter getting married, so i knew i needed the tools to start my new life. this styling process was just what i needed to give me a kick start!  I won't be looking back.