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Our Generation Style

Our Generation Style is a podcast, a Youtube channel, but most importantly, it is a  membership site for women approaching their 50's and beyond to help us remember that we are not invisible, we are still relevant and we still LOVE style, fashion and beauty. We want to know about mindset and health and share all of this with likeminded people.

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My mission is to show the world (starting with ourselves!) that just because we have reached a certain age, it doesn't mean that we are on the scrap heap.  Nor does it mean we are invisible and unworthy of notice.  Brands should ignore us at their peril!  People should write us off with with extreme caution.  Because we are strong, powerful, we care, we take action and we have a huge capacity for life, love and laughter.

"What you wear as you get older has nothing to do with your age.
But your heart,spirit and style.
You would not look great in a mini skirt but in a great pair of leather pants look super cool!"

Angela Quaintrell  - A Q Market


Through my podcast and Youtube channel I will be bringing designers, brands, industry professionals and "real" people into your lives, hearing their stories, their visions, learning about their own style journeys and finding out what they are doing to encompass our generation into their brands, designs and futures.

The Membership goes much deeper with Exclusive masterclasses from these professionals,

Behind the scenes snapshots of the industry,

"How to" guides to help you with your own style journey, Health and beauty tips and discussions,

Special correspondence from Italy from style secrets to shopping guides.

Vision Boards and Shopping videos to show the current trends, what to wear now, the best shops for our generation and styling ideas.

LIVE Q&A each month

And much more!

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