Colour Analysis

Do you always go for black every time you shop? Is your wardrobe full of the same colour and everytime you open it you feel all the energy draining away from you?

Yes, black is slimming.  It is also easy to team with other items in your wardrobe, but for most people it is very colour draining if worn near your face.

If you are curious how to add colour to your wardrobe and find the colours that make you look alive, fresh and up-to-date, not just in your clothes, but also your make-up and hair, then look no further!

  • Looking healthier

  • Looking younger

  • Timesaving - you know which colours to go for immediately

  • No expensive mistakes

  • Brightens your eyes and teeth naturally

  • Fewer makeup mistakes

  • No hair disasters!

  • Match clothes easily

  • Gain confidence in your look

  • Create an edited look

  • Create your own branded look

  • Have compliments flowing all around!

As a professionally trained Style Coach and colour expert, I can carry out a colour analysis online, so you can be in the comfort of your own home!


There are so many benefits to having your online colour analysis -

Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 15.46.46.png

How it works

  • I will send you a "How to take a selfie" Cheat Sheet

  • You will send me some photos of your face and eyes without makeup

  • Once received I will carry out the colour analysis.

Investment: £180


what you will receive:

  • A full colour PDF Colour Analysis Presentation. and Wow Colours!  This will also include the best times of year to buy your colours, how to use them to your advantage.

  • A printable colour swatch and a phone friendly version, so you can have it with you at all times when you are dressing or shopping.

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