your complete style renaissance

For the woman wanting to take the next step into transforming her life by finding her authentic style, one that represents her truly and the life she aspires to.


Your may be thinking:-


  • You admire other people’s looks but don’t know how to put a look together for you.

  • You want your business brand to reflect you or vice versa and don’t know where to start.

  • You understand that clothes tell their own story, but don’t know how to start the conversation.

  • You want to make yourself a priority after years of looking after others.

  • You want to make changes to your life and want your look to reflect that.

  • You are stuck in a style rut and want to learn about how to dress for your body shape and personal style personality.

  • You want to transform yourself into the person you know you should be and want help achieving this.

  • You are starting a new phase in your life, business or career and want your style to match the image you want to portray.

  • You are confused as to how to flatter your body shape and colouring.

  • Your wardrobe is full of clothes, but you still have nothing to wear.

  • You are ready to start a new journey in life – starting with your personal style.

If any, or all, of these resonate with you, you are in the right place!


The journey is a powerful one and I am here to guide the way in a non-judgemental and safe environment.


First things first:-


I will send you a styling questionnaire for you to fill out and answer questions on how you feel about your style and body currently.  I also encourage you to make a Pinterest board of styles you like and people you admire, to help us move towards creating your dream wardrobe.


We will then schedule in a Zoom get together, with a coffee or a glass of wine and have a chat about your style and delve into the detail of the process, how I can help and what we can achieve together.



What the Course Involves:

  1. Initial phone consultation

  2. Creating of a mood board which we will work on together to make sure the vision is one which truly reflects who you are.

  3. Colour Analysis:-  We will carry out an online colour analysis, which will determine which colours work best on you and which are the Wow! Colours to add to your wardrobe.  Once we have established which of the 10 seasons you are, I will send you the beautiful colour profile together with a printable colour guide and swatch to add to your phone or your handbag to use when you are shopping. Knowing your colours helps to eliminate shopping mistakes and build up capsule outfits from each item of clothing you buy or own.

  4. Body Shape Analysis:-  This is where we find out about you – how to dress your body shape in a way which flatters and shows you to your best advantage. You will learn how to put outfits together, which are the best shapes and silhouettes, what the best lengths and necklines, shoe shapes, how to accessorise and much more.

  5. De-clutter your wardrobe:- We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  Most of us look into a packed wardrobe and cry that we have nothing to wear!  However, a lot of the time this is just down to a number of simple reasons – too many sizes, too much of the same colour/silhouette, etc.  I will send you some resources to help you, and then we will have a Zoom call to go through your closet, sharing tips on organising, what flatters you, how to make outfits, what to get rid of, what to have altered.  Once we have de-cluttered and had a good look at what you own, we will re-organise your wardrobe so everything is readily available in the mornings and we will be ready with a list of what items you need to fill any gaps we have discovered.

  6. Personal Shopping – I will pre-shop for you online and then set up a joint shopping period with “Shop Share”, an App which allows us to look at the items in details and decide which are best for your style.  I will give you tips on how to shop online, what to look for and where to go for your style personality and body shape.

  7. The last piece of the jigsaw:-  Now we start to put the new items together with the ones you already own.  We will spend some time creating outfits, blending old and new with tips on how to put together your style on a daily basis.

  8. I will then spend time putting together a personalised Look Book for you, covering all the items we have discussed during our sessions, with cheat sheets on what styles to wear to flatter your figure and personality, your Wow! Colours, and your new outfits we have put together.

  9. Email Support: - for 4 weeks after our final session you can email me with any questions you may have regarding our sessions or your new wardrobe.

Investment  £995