From Confusion to Clarity

How To Create Your Own Ageless Style Renaissance

Fallen out of love with your style & fed up with feeling invisible & undervalued?

Do you hate getting dressed in the morning & avoid mirrors at all costs?

I'm here to help you restore your confidence & help you become "you" again!

The Ageless Style Renaissance is a one of a kind programme that not only shows you exactly how to kickstart your style back into life, but also become the person you want to be and live the life you deserve.  Drawing on my experience as a Style Coach and Personal Shopper in and around Italy, I will teach you to be your own stylist and learn to love yourself and your style and develop that Italian un certo non so che

Finding Your

Dressing Your 
Body Shape

Style Your

Gala Rack


You will have:


  • Nailed your style personality (to feel comfortable in our clothes they need to harmonise with who we are).

  • Found your body shape and learnt how to love it and dress for it.

  • Learnt how to connect with your inner beauty and enhance your self-esteem with the Self Image Bootcamp.

  • Discovered your colour season and how to use colours to your best advantage.

  • Implemented a wardrobe edit and built a collection of fabulous outfits from your current wardrobe.

  • Crafted a whole lookbook of outfits and accessories to help your daily routine become a walk in the park.

  • Developed a sound foundation wardrobe to build on.

  • Discovered how to accessorise and use tricks of the trade for your face shape, body shape and colouring.

  • Developed a clear focus on shopping with a knowledge of how and where to shop for your style and body shape.

  • Created a positive mindset and body image, silenced your inner critic and developed a life changing self confidence.

Before I tell you about this life changing programme, let’s talk about who this is really for ….


  • You often wear or buy the same clothes, but you are bored with wearing them time after time.

  • You are unclear about what your want for your style

  • You would like help from a stylist, but have no idea how to go about it.

  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear, waiting for the right occasion, or the right weight.

  • You don’t know how to dress for your body type and what will look good on you.

  • You buy clothes and they are still hangin, unworn, in your wardrobe because you don’t know what will go with them.

  • You look at your wardrobe in the mornings with the constant cry of “I have nothing to wear!”

  • You see other people and think how well they are “put together” but don’t know how to achieve that.

  • You hate all the clutter in your cupboards, but don’t know what to get rid of and what to keep.

  • You get frustrated and overwhelmed when you shop and end up buying nothing, or the wrong thing.

  • The clothes you own don’t really fit your lifestyle anymore, but you are stuck in a style rut and don’t know how to get out of it.

  • You don’t really feel like “you” anymore and feel your clothes don’t reflect who you really are.

  • You don’t feel comfortable in your skin and hate looking at yourself in the mirror.

  • You have gained or lost weight and have no idea how to dress for your new body shape.


If any of these resonate with you, you are in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how From Confusion to Clarity will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming the best you can be every day.

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enrol in Confusion to Clarity -

Finding Your

Dressing Your 
Body Shape

Style Your



Here is why it pays to learn from someone who has gone before you - I know exactly where most people get stuck in their style.  I have been there many times and by following this 8 step formula, I have found out who I really am and how I want to show up for myself in the world and how that looks in my outer appearance.  Here is snapshot of what you will learn too.


Pillar 1

Who am I inside - really


  • What do you clothes say about you

  • Discover your style - getting inspired

  • Discover your style - experiment and fine tune

  • Putting it all together - your style profile


This is where you delve deeply into who you are inside and how you would like to reflect that in your clothes.  We will look at style personalities, how your clothes reflect who you are, what they say about you, how your lifestyle impacts on this, how to make a Style File of your outfits and colours and much more!


Pillar 2

Dressing for your body shape


  • Dressing for your shape now

  • Finding your body shape

  • Creating the illusion


In this module you will learn how to look at yourself as a whole and love your body.  You will learn what styles and shapes best suit your body shape, how tricks and tips will help accentuate or disguise, and how to put this together to create a more youthful appearance.

Pillar 3

Style your wardrobe


  • Wardrobe detox - the complete guide

  • How to build a wardrobe that fits your life 

  • What makes up your wardrobe

  • Working with your colour palette

  • Working with outfit formulas

  • Tweaking your wardrobe for work

  • Overhauling your wardrobe: A step by step roadmap

  • How and when to build a capsule wardrobe

  • Become your own stylist

How many of us look in our wardrobes and bemoan the fact that we have nothing to wear, although all evidence is to the contrary!  In this module we go through a wardrobe detox, letting go of things that don’t belong there and learning how to put together a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, your personality, your body shape and your colours.  We will build on what you already own and learn to make outfits from these pieces and also put together a wish list of items to build your wardrobe and make it a place you want to start your day and one that fills you with happiness everytime you look inside.



Your Learning choice 

I have put together four main pillars to re-ignite your style.

You can do each pillar on its own as a self study course, at your own pace.  The are all "stand alone" pillars, so you can pick and choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it.


Included in this is an amazing Facebook Group of likeminded women, where you can share in a safe and non-judgemental space, a weekly live Q&A with me, plus other bonuses.

When you enroll on two pillars, during this special limited time period, you will get:


Bonus 2

(worth £60)

2 amazing Booklets on

1.  8 easy steps to your true bra size.

2. Clothing care & maintenance booklet

Dressed Up
Stylish Bag

Bonus 1

(Value £2,250)

12 weeks of Live Q&A sessions with Elinor inside the Private Midlife Renaissance Style Retreat Facebook Group for members only.

What you will get:-

12 weeks of live Q&A sessions from Monday to Friday - that's 45 sessions! - to make sure that all your questions and worries are answered and that you can more forward with clarity and confidence through every stage.

An active and highly supportive Facebook group of likeminded woman going through the same issues as you.  This is a non-judgemental, safe, space to share your journey and seek advice to help you get un-stuck!

A space to help you feel less isolated and alone, it is like having a group of best friends on tap every day of the week!

After the 12 weeks of this group, you can move into my insider club "The Inner Sanctum", for Alumni only and this will be a lifetime membership.

Plus you will be backed by a risk-free 14-day Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee .png


Still thinking about it?

You should give Midlife Style Renaissance a 14 day risk-free go if you are motivated by any of the following

Cuff and Watch

You want your confidence back really badly

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about all I will need to do - are you sure I can do this?

Yes, absolutely!  You can do it in your own time, at your own pace.  I will be there for 12 weeks to answer all your questions and support you, but even after that there will be the Facebook Group to ask questions of me and the other participants.

Will I need a big budget to buy new clothes?

No, not unless you want to!  I will show you how to work to any budget and also how to make the best of the clothes you already own, so there won't be the need to buy anything if you don't want to.  However, you will have the tools and knowledge to do this when you are ready to.

Do I need to have fashion sense and knowledge to be able to do this?

Not at all.  All you need will be taught you throughout the course.  There is no right or wrong either - it is your style and how you feel about it that matters.

I don't know anything about clothes and don't really have a style.  Is it

going to be too much for me?

You will learn at your own pace and develop your own knowledge as you go along.  No one will be making you do or wear anything you don't feel comfortable doing or wearing.  This is a very safe and non-judgemental platform to find out about yourself and who you really are inside.

I have never spent money on myself before like this and don't really know if I am worth investing in now.  Maybe I am too old?

All I will say is you are never too old.  You are the most important person and worthy of investing in.  Just remember, you cannot share an empty cup - so if you have nothing or do nothing for yourself, you are not going to be able give of yourself to others.

I have never thought about using a stylist.  Surely that is only for the rich and famous?

Why should it be?!  We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves and we all deserve to spend time and thought on ourselves and how we project onto other people.  By taking this course, you will the tips and techniques to be your own stylist and to look and feel your best at all times.

enrol in Confusion to Clarity -

Finding Your

Dressing Your 
Body Shape

Style Your


You have convinced yourself that you are the wrong size, shape or age to try something new.

You feel like you always wearing the same type of outfit day in and day out.

You frequently find yourself staring unhappily into your wardrobe.

You often buy clothes that stay, unworn, in your wardrobe, often with the tabs still on.

Your wardrobe is full to busting, but you never seem to have anything to wear.

You keep hold of things "just in case" .......

You have lost confidence in your style and feel invisible.


Finding my style and confidence has literally changed my life.  

I have experience first hand what it is like to transition from being invisible, ignored and passed over, with no confidence to knowing everyday that I am dressing for my inner self and all my clothes suit me, my personality, my colouring and my body shape and how this has HUGELY affected my confidence and the rest of my life.

More than anything else, I want to share this with you.

When we woman reach the prime of our lives, we shouldn't be ignored, we should be celebrated for all we have achieved and all we have to offer.  We shouldn't feel invisible and unwanted and we should have the confidence to dress for ourselves, for we truly are.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will be completely life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Midlife Style Renaissance.

All my best

Elinor Salter