Virtual Styling

2020 brought a lot of challenges, but it also brought a lot of innovation and one of these was the world of online styling - something that makes styling available to everyone!

I have turned my business into an online space and with the amazing tools that have been made available to us by our Institution, The Style Coaching Institute, and also the incredible Shopshare TV.  Shopshare TV is where I can go online shopping for you and share the shoppable videos, recording me talking you through the items from any store, before you purchase them.  Other tools include online colour analysis and body shape analysis.

Sessions that have been done face to face are now carried out via Zoom which is such a fun way to do the "wardrobe edit" and "styling your wardrobe".

Click on the links below and have a look at the virtual services.  Booking is easy via the booking system, which allows you  to choose a date and time to suit you and payment is through Paypal, making it easy and secure.

Personal Styling has never been more accessible - Let's put this time to good use!


Q. I would like a combination of these packages?

A. Of course! I can tailor packages to suit your needs.

Q. How long does each session take?

A. Allow approximately 2-3 hours.

Q. How much do I need to spend on clothes? 

A. No budget is too low.  I will work within your budge and suggest clothes and stores that will suit that and your style.

Contact Elinor

I will be in touch as soon as I can!

Shop & Dress your body shape & personality

Are you in a style rut? 

Do you feel you have lost your style and don't know who you are any more? 

Do you lack confidence and hate dressing or shopping? 

Has your shaped changed and you no longer know what to wear to make the best of it?  

Then this is for you!

body shapes.jpeg

Wardrobe organising & Outfit Creation

  • Do you look into your wardrobe  full of clothes and cry "I have nothing to wear!"?

  • Can you never find anything?

  • Do you have no idea how to put together an outfit from what you already own?

This is for you!

Antinea Boutique.jpg

Colour analysis

Do you always go for black every time you shop?

  • Is your wardrobe full of the same colour and everytime you open it you feel all the energy draining away from you?

  • Do people tell you you look tired all the time?

  • Would you like to wear colours, but don't know where to start?

Then this is for you!


your complete style renaissance

  • For the woman wanting to take the next step into transforming her life by finding her authentic style, one that represents her truly and they life they aspire to.

  • A full, holistic, supported, transformation to style confidence.

Elinor Salter.jpg