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We only have 7 seconds to make a first impression! 

Do you want to feel and confident in your style every day?  This can be easily achieved by simply finding out what your unique signature style personality is - and then choosing outfits and clothes that always make you feel like that person.  Add to this finding out how to dress for your body shape and you will never again have one of those "I have nothing to wear" days or feel like an imposter in your own clothes!​

If you feel stuck in a style rut and don't know where to turn or how to find yourself again, then this is a perfect service for you!


Find your style personality and the secrets of how to dress and enhance your body shape.  During 2, 1 hour sessions we will discover who you really are and how to dress for that person and the lifestyle you live.  We will also look at how to dress and enhance your body shape using tips and secrets of the trade so that you will always feel your best and show up as the woman you want to be.

There are no "rules" to follow slavishly, this is all about being you and having fun with your style, making your life easier and giving you the confidence and self esteem you deserve.

We will work together on Zoom and use questionnaires and exercises, look books and cheat sheets to ease out your true self!  This will be followed up with a personalised style guide on how to dress and shop for your body shape and personality.

Shop And Dress For Your Body Shape online  Price : £189

For a face to face consultation please click here 

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