The Art of dressing for your shape

One of the most powerful ways of defining your style and gaining confidence in the way you dress is to identify your body silhouette and dress in a way that enhances this. 

Using this method to highlight your best features and subtly disguise your "problem" areas, you will instantly look streamlined.​

There are so many benefits to Knowing how to dress for your shape

  • Confidence giving

  • Time saving

  • Money Saving

  • Positive Body Image

  • Less overwhelm

  • No outfit disasters!

  • Clarity on what you wear

  • No shopping disasters

  • No impulse buying

  • A renewed joy in shopping

  • Have compliments flowing all around!

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As a professionally trained Style Coach  I will design a customised guide book to show you which styles of clothes are best suited to your shape and why.

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How it works

  • I will send you an online form to fill in and "Selfie" cheat sheet

  • You will send me some photos of you as per the guide.

  • Once received I will send you a 31 page guidebook customised especially for you.

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what you will receive:

  • A 30 min Discovery Call

  • A 3 page cheat sheet for your body shape.

  • A  guidebook especially for you to show

    • Your body type.

    • Shape and style of trousers best suited to your type.

    • Shape and style of skirts best suited to your type.

    • Shape and style of coat and jackets best suited to your type.

You can keep this on your phone or computer for a permanent guide to help you when you are dressing or shopping!

Investment: £140